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Innova Halo Star Toro Calvin Heimburg DDO 2024

Innova Halo Star Toro Calvin Heimburg DDO 2024

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Calvin Heimburg Halo Toro – The newest overstable approach disc from Innova Champion Discs is the Toro and it is being trusted by tons of Innova touring pros right now. It has a comfortable and beadless feel that many players will love. Being that overstable workhorse that you can rely on for forehands, hyzers, flex shots, and headwinds gives the biggest names in the game confidence to attack the green. Absolutely perfect for forehand power shots that need to stick to the ground near the basket. The Halo Star plastic that Innova has cooked up has that great feel that it is known for and an amazing look that it is named after. Any skill level can use this mold. Make sure you grab a Calvin Heimburg Halo Toro today!

Innova says this about the mold: “At [4|2|1|3] the Toro is a flat, overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle the type of torque that world class disc golfers produce. Calvin Heimburg provided Innova founder and president Dave Dunipace with substantial input to help create this extra-reliable, slow-speed midrange to his specifications, with added attention to the in-hand feel of the disc. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Calvin Heimburg and his touring efforts.”

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