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Millennium Quantum Zero G Scorpius

Millennium Quantum Zero G Scorpius

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The Millennium Quantum Zero-G Scorpius is a high speed, ultra-long range overstable distance driver. It is a step below the Quasar in terms of speed and fade, but will provide excellent distance and control for into-the-wind conditions. This disc golf driver is recommended for moderate-powerful throwers who need something with dependable fade and sustained glide.

Best for Intermediate and Advanced players, but suitable for beginners if using lighter weights.

The Zero-G Scorpius floats in water in weights at 139 or less.

Quantum is a premium plastic with the most durability for a long life of reliable performance; smooth and solid feel with a translucent appearance.\

Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

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