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Flex Line Disc Golf

MVP 2023 DGLO Simon Lizotte Neutron Wave

MVP 2023 DGLO Simon Lizotte Neutron Wave

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The MVP Wave is a stable to understable distance driver that MVP describes as "a longer Inertia". Those with less power may find the Wave to be more overstable but can use the Wave to extend a variety of lines, from hyzer flips to anhyzers to headwind-assisted turnovers. High power throwers can achieve long gliding turnovers and hyzer flips with its solid balance of turn and fade.

When tournament smarts meet a level of execution that few alive can achieve, that's when one of the most iconic Simon Lines ever was born! Breaking a hole, playing smart, reading the situation, and securing par for a 3 stroke lead with 2 holes to play - Simon made a par in the most Simon fashion ever, and the rest is history. DoubleRam Design has perfectly captured the exact moment Simon broke our brains and secured his 2023 DGLO Championship - what a play, and what a stamp!


Disc and foil colors may vary.
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